You’re What You Enjoy
And you enjoy being a journalist.

Digital Joynalism

You relish the moment when you stumble upon a piece of breaking news.

You feel accomplished to be the bridge between people and information.

Joy visits you when you can lend your voice to those who are voiceless.

You even find satisfaction in the hard work bits.

Verifying the sources. Cross-Checking all the facts.

Revising and meticulously editing all the words.

It’s today’s daily grind that separates you from good old shoe-leather journalism, where you would chase the news out in the field.

That’s why you’re reading this.

Because a new digital paradigm is underway.

And you want to be part of it.

You want some load taken off your shoulders.

You want to return to what made journalism so rewarding.

This is what the future of digital journalism should be about.

For sure, this is what we believe it will be.

We believe in getting back to what you enjoy.

We believe in bringing the joy back into journalism.

We believe it’s high time to welcome you to Digital Joynalism.

MyType. Digital Joynalism.