News Distribution

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MyType CMS revolutionizes how newsrooms share content by enabling seamless dissemination across multiple platforms from a single interface. It enhances efficiency, expands audience reach, and ensures real-time updates, crucial in today’s fast-paced news environment.

SEO Tools (AI)

AI-powered SEO sub-feature provides journalists and newsrooms with advanced tools and insights to optimize content for search engines effectively, target specific audience segments, stay ahead of competitors, and better engage with their audience in the digital realm.

Benefits of SEO Tools (AI)​ for newsrooms & journalists.
Optimized Content:

AI analyzes trends and user behavior to suggest SEO-friendly keywords and phrases, ensuring content is optimized for search engines. This improves discoverability and increases organic traffic to articles and news stories.

Enhanced Content Quality:

AI tools can analyze content readability, relevance, and engagement metrics to provide insights for enhancing content quality. Journalists can utilize these suggestions to craft more compelling stories that resonate with their audience, leading to higher reader satisfaction and retention.

Increased Traffic:

By optimizing contents for search engines, journalists can attract more organic traffic to their website. SEO integration enables writers to target relevant keywords, improve their search engine rankings, and ultimately drive more visitors to their site, increasing the potential for conversions and revenue.

News Distribution - SEO Tool


A newsletter sub-feature within the MyType platform empowers journalists and newsrooms to deepen audience engagement, monetize their content, and strengthen their brand presence in the digital landscape.

Benefits of newsletter for newsrooms & journalists.
Audience Engagement:

Newsletters provide a direct line of communication with subscribers, allowing journalists to cultivate a loyal audience and foster community engagement.

Content Distribution:

Newsrooms can repurpose existing content from their CMS to create newsletter content, maximizing the reach of their articles and features.

Community Building:

Through newsletters, journalists can facilitate discussions, solicit feedback, and build a sense of community among subscribers, creating a valuable feedback loop for content creation and refinement.

News Distribution - Newsletter

Home Page Manager

The Homepage Manager feature empowers newsrooms to effectively manage their online presence, engage their audience, and deliver timely and relevant content in a dynamic news environment.

Benefits of home page manager​ for newsrooms & journalists.
Efficient Content Curation:

Newsrooms deal with a constant influx of information. A home page manager allows editors to curate content easily, ensuring that the most relevant and important stories are featured prominently on the website's home page. This helps in maintaining the freshness and relevance of the website's front page.

Change Layouts On the Fly

Newsroom editors can directly adapt the graphical theme of each home page section to the current editorial needs. For example, assign a high-impact layout to the opening news section during breaking news of great importance. No need for a developer.

Combines Manual Curation With Automatic Placements

Each section of the home page can be linked to an automatic content collection. This collection can be filtered based on various properties, ensuring that every placement not manually assigned by the editors is filled. Additionally, the system automatically removes any duplicate content.

News Distribution - Homepage Manager

Web Page Builder

A Web Page Builder feature in a MyType is indispensable for newsrooms seeking to streamline their content creation and publishing workflows, enhance the reader experience, and stay competitive in the digital media landscape.

Benefits of web page builder​​ for newsrooms & journalists.
Ease of Use:

A Web Page Builder simplifies the process of creating web pages, allowing journalists and editors to build layouts, add content, and publish without needing technical expertise. This streamlines the content creation process and empowers non-technical staff to contribute to the website.

Slot library:

We call “slots” the building blocks of a webpage, the Web Page Builder includes a rich library of slots with different layouts designed to respond to all the needs of a newsroom: slots for multimedia, multiple slots for the top news section with different styles, and so on. These versatile slots allow newsrooms to create dynamic and engaging web pages tailored to their content and audience.

Templates and Themes

The Web Page Builder offers a variety of pre-designed templates and themes. You can choose a template that suits their needs and customize it according to their preferences. The customization includes change in colors, fonts, layouts, and add their own content.

Web Builder for Newsrooms

Text-To-Audio (AI)

A Text-To-Audio feature in MyType CMS can significantly enhance distribution and accessibility for news creators. The Text-To-Audio functionality isn’t just a matter of convenience—it’s a strategic move to enhance accessibility, engagement, efficiency, and adaptability in an ever-evolving media landscape.

Benefits of text-to-audio (AI)​​​ for newsrooms & journalists.
Content distribution:

Not only text or images, but nowadays audio also plays an important role in the dissemination of news. By transforming your text content into audio, you can add a new format to your production, increasing your distribution possibilities. Audio can be produced in +30 languages, opening up endless possibilities for sharing.


Transforming a written article into a new format also means reaching people with visual impairments, making each piece of content as accessible as possible, reaching a wider audience.


Custom dictionary, custom pronunciation and even the ability to clone the voice of your journalists. Contact us to discover all the text-to-audio possibilities available!

Text to Audio AI Tool for Journalists

Social Posting

Today, stopping simply writing content is not enough, distribution on social networks can be crucial to the success of your work. MyType CMS integrates the sharing function on different pages directly within the platform.

Benefits of social posting​​​ for newsrooms & journalists.
Content distribution:

Share your articles on the main social networks with a simple click within your CMS. Discover all our integrations (Facebook, X, Instagram, Telegram, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, Reddit, Linkedin, etc.)


Are you already sharing your articles on social media but must do everything manually? No more repetitive and time-consuming tasks, today sharing is integrated into the CMS!

Better Organization:

There is no distribution without organisation. Thanks to our social media sharing tool you can also schedule the release on the different channels, we know how important timing is for enhancing content.

Social Posting for Newsrooms

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