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MyType empowers journalists and newsrooms to effortlessly uncover news through a range of functionalities, from trend detection to seamlessly integrating news agencies into your CMS. MyType simplifies the process, enhancing your perspective of the world. Elevate your news experience with MyType!

News Wires

Unlock the power of real-time updates with our extensive network of newswires. Stay ahead of the curve as we bring you breaking news from diverse sources, keeping you in the loop with the most current information.

Benefits of newswires for newsrooms & journalists.
Real-time updates:

Stay on top of breaking news with our extensive network of newswires. Receive instant updates, ensuring you're the first to report on unfolding events and stories.

Diverse sources:

Access a wide range of sources to enrich your reporting. Our newswire feature aggregates information from various outlets, providing a comprehensive and balanced view of any given topic.

Efficiency in research_
Efficiency in research:

Streamline your research process with organized and readily available information. Spend less time searching and more time crafting compelling stories for your audience.

News Gathering - News Wires

Translate (AI )

Break down language barriers and access global news effortlessly. Our AI-driven translation feature ensures you don’t miss out on important updates from around the world. Stay connected with news sources in different languages, broadening your perspective and understanding of international events.

Benefits of translate (AI) for newsrooms & journalists.

Journalists can quickly translate articles, press releases, and other content from various languages, saving time and effort compared to manual translation or using external translation services.

Enhanced coverage:

With the ability to translate content from different languages, newsrooms can broaden their coverage and reach a wider audience, attracting readers from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Improved collaboration:

Teams working on multilingual projects can collaborate more effectively by using AI translation within their CMS, facilitating communication and streamlining workflows.

Transcribe (AI )

Experience news like never before with our AI-powered transcription tool. We convert spoken words into written text, making it easy for you to consume information in various formats.

Benefits of transcribe AI for newsrooms & journalists.

AI transcription significantly reduces the time required to transcribe interviews, speeches, and other audio content, allowing journalists to focus on writing and analyzing stories. Integrating AI transcription into newsroom workflows streamlines the process of producing and publishing content, improving overall efficiency and productivity.

Multilingual support:

Our AI transcription tool supports multiple languages, enabling journalists to transcribe content in different languages and reach a broader audience.

Different formats:

Not only written text. Our transcription system also allows audio to be transformed into subtitles. A very useful tool to enrich and make your videos or reels more accessible on social media!

News Gathering - Transcribe

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