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MyType empowers journalists and newsrooms to effortlessly uncover news through a range of functionalities, from trend detection to seamlessly integrating news agencies into your CMS. Mytype simplifies the process, enhancing your perspective of the world. Elevate your news experience with Mytype!

Summarization (AI)

Effortlessly distill large volumes of information with our AI-powered summarization tool. Find the most relevant content inside long press releases or papers and speed up your information-gathering. Are there specific thermals that you only use in your editorial office? No problem, in this case the AI will recognise that they are not errors but simply something that differentiates you from the rest and will not correct them!  work!

Benefits of summarization (AI) for newsrooms & journalists
Content Curation:

Journalists often need to sift through a large volume of information to find relevant news stories. Summarization AI can assist in content curation by summarizing multiple sources, helping journalists identify key topics and trends more efficiently.

Improved Workflow:

By automating the summarization process within the CMS, journalists can streamline their workflow. They can easily access summarized content alongside full articles and press releases, enabling faster decision-making on which stories to pursue or prioritize.

Enhanced Reader Engagement:

Streamline your research process with organized and readily available information. Spend less time searching and more time crafting compelling stories for your audience.

Paraphrasing (AI)

Paraphrasing AI helps you quickly generate diverse content versions, preserving original meaning. It boosts efficiency, fosters creativity, ensures consistency, enhances readability, prevents plagiarism, assists revisions, and tailors content for various platforms, improving journalistic quality and diversity.

Benefits of paraphrasing (AI) for newsrooms & journalists
Revision Assistance:

Paraphrasing AI can assist journalists during the revision process by offering suggestions for improving clarity, coherence, and conciseness. This feedback can help journalists refine their writing and produce higher-quality content.

Plagiarism Prevention:

AI-powered paraphrasing tools can help journalists ensure that their content is original and free of plagiarism. By providing alternative phrasing and sentence structures, these tools can reduce the risk of unintentional plagiarism and support ethical journalism practices.

Adaptation for Different Platforms:

AI can help journalists adapt their content for different platforms and formats, such as social media posts, newsletters, or video scripts. By generating alternative versions of the same content, journalists can tailor their message to specific audiences and channels more effectively.

Image Pixelation

Protect privacy and maintain ethical standards with our automatic image pixelation feature. Easily obscure sensitive details while retaining the visual integrity of your news stories.

Benefits of image pixelation for newsrooms & journalists
Protecting Privacy:

Pixelation allows journalists to obscure faces, license plates, or other sensitive information in images to protect the privacy of individuals who may not have consented to being photographed or featured in a story.

Compliance with Regulations:

In some jurisdictions, there are strict regulations regarding the publication of identifiable images without consent. Pixelation helps newsrooms comply with these regulations by obscuring identifying features.

Adapting to Audience Sensitivities:

Pixelation can be employed to cater to audience sensitivities, ensuring that potentially disturbing or offensive content is presented in a more palatable manner.

Headlines Suggester (AI)

Speed up your writing activities and overcome writer’s block by suggesting titles and leads for your article.

Benefits of headline suggester (AI) for newsrooms & journalists
Increased Productivity:

With AI suggesting headlines and leads, journalists can produce more content within a shorter timeframe, leading to increased productivity for the newsroom. This can be particularly beneficial during breaking news situations when speed is crucial.

Overcoming creative blocks:

When working under pressure, it can happen that one cannot find the right inspiration. Let our AI tool guide you! You only have to put the finishing touches.


AI can help maintain consistency in headline style and tone across different articles, ensuring a cohesive brand image for the news outlet.

Image Free Library

Access a vast collection of high-quality images hassle-free. Enrich your articles with captivating visuals without the worry of copyright issues, thanks to our Image Free Library.

Benefits of Image Free Library for newsrooms & journalists
Copyright-Free Visuals:

Access a vast collection of high-quality images hassle-free, eliminating concerns about copyright issues.

Visual Storytelling:

Enhance your articles with captivating visuals from the Image Free Library, enriching your storytelling without compromising legal considerations.

Time Efficiency:

Searching for suitable images can be time-consuming. By providing a library of pre-approved images, journalists can save time that would otherwise be spent searching for and obtaining image permissions.

Grammar Check

Proofread spelling and grammar, improve your writing style. Enjoy spelling autocorrect and autocomplete suggestions.

Benefits of grammar check (AI) for newsrooms & journalists
Maintaining Professionalism:

Ensures that published content is grammatically correct, maintaining the professional standard expected by readers and enhancing the credibility of the news outlet.

Build your custom dictionary:

Are there specific thermals that you only use in your editorial office? No problem, in this case the AI will recognize that they are not errors but simply something that differentiates you from the rest and will not correct them!

Multilingual support:

Our grammar check system works with +20 languages worldwide. This way you can also correct words in languages other than the one you are writing in.

Image Optimization

Image optimization in a CMS for newsrooms and journalists not only enhances website performance and user experience but also contributes to better SEO, cost savings, and compliance with web standards.

Benefits of image optimization for newsrooms & journalists
Faster Page Loading:

Optimized images are smaller in size without compromising quality, resulting in faster page loading times. This is crucial for news websites, where users expect quick access to content.

SEO Benefits:

Search engines consider page loading speed as a ranking factor. Faster-loading pages, facilitated by image optimization, can positively impact a website's SEO performance, leading to higher visibility and organic traffic.

Bandwidth Savings:

Optimized images consume less bandwidth, resulting in cost savings for the website owner, especially if they pay for bandwidth usage or operate in regions where bandwidth is expensive.

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